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“What a difference Bello Machre has made in Zack's life. Anything to help him as he continues to grow and develop is a Godsend.”
— Angie Beswick, Parent

Personal Stories

Learn more about Bello Machre through the personal stories of the people we serve. 

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“Living in this home with Kelly and the other two ladies gives me an opportunity to make a difference. I think and hope I’ve had a positive influence on Kelly’s life – I try to be a calming presence that helps her cope with her anxiety. But, most of all – we’re just friends.”

Gennette Feagan, Caregiver – Read Kelly’s story in the Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter »


 jennifer photo

“For all of those who knew me in my darkest hours of despair and grief. Through all of the sleepless nights and loss of hope. Bello Machre was there for our family through it all with kindness and encouragement. They have provided a bright future for my niece Jennifer and have given her a beautiful home filled with LOVE and kindness. Thank you for all that you do, every day that you do it.”

Connie Dixon, Family member – Read Jennifer’s story in the Fall/Winter 2012 Newsletter »


“The doctors told me he would never walk or talk again. He had gone through two brain surgeries and had a feeding tube. I was so scared.”

Angie Beswick, Parent – Read Zack’s story in the Spring/Summer 2012 Newsletter »