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Who Will Care for Joey?

Debbie was devastated when she heard the doctor re ad the report – an incurable brain tumor. It was the largest tumor they had ever seen. Debbie was told she would probably not live through surgery.

It was eight years ago when Debbie was diagnosed. She was terrified, but her first thought was, “Oh my God, who will care Joey?”

Joey is her 32-year old son. He was born with the challenging disabilities of cerebral palsy and mental retardation and always lived at home with his family. Debbie explained, “Even though, I had known about Bello Machre, I wanted Joey to live at home as long as he could – as long as I could take care of him.” “When I call ed Bello Machre in a panic, their response was amazing – caring, compassionate, swift. They opened their doors and their loving arms to Joey.”

“Knowing that Joey had a safe place to live gave me peace and courage as I went into surgery. Miraculously, I came th rough and have had a full recovery.” Joey ha s been part of the Bello Machre family for the past eight years and lives at the cam pus in the Founder’s House. Debbie loves to see him visiting in the office with staff and riding around the campus in hi s wheelchair. She proudly commented, “It’s thrilling to see Joey so inde pendent and happy.”

Debbie, her husband, Joe, and their two daughters share their family spirit regularly hosting holiday picnics and events for our residents. Debbie is making a difference in not only Joey’s life, but the life of Bello Machre.


 – Thanks for making miracles happen! –