Hannah was born with Turners syndrome – a chromosomal disorder that affects 1 in 3,000 girls. With Hannah, it affects the way she learns and understands.

Let us tell you her story.

Hannah’s mom, Lynn, remembers, “We were panicked when Hannah was an infant and her feet started to turn blue. She was diagnosed with coarctation of the aorta. The doctors explained it as a kink in the artery going to the heart.”

Can you imagine the fear and worry that her parents felt when, at five months old, Hannah had heart surgery that would hopefully fix the problem?

Although Hannah’s surgery was successful, her doctors did not realize her heart defect was related to Turners syndrome.

“It was not until Hannah was in third grade that her disability was diagnosed,” Lynn comments. “She really struggled and was not tracking the same as the other kids. By the third grade we had switched schools three times in hopes we could get her the help she needed. When you look at Hannah you might not know she has a disability – that’s what made it so difficult.”

Hannah is surrounded by a loving family that nurtures her incredible spirit. With their love, support, and a guiding hand, Hannah was able to navigate the challenges in school and graduate from the post-secondary program at the age of 21.

Over the years, we’ve shared countless stories about families supported by Bello Machre. Some care for loved ones with complex disabilities and others just need a helping hand. No matter what challenges a family may face, Bello Machre is there for a lifetime of love and support – just like we are there now for Hannah and her family.

When Hannah completed school, her parents were worried about what lay ahead. Lynn says, “I didn’t know what the future would bring. I didn’t want her to get stuck in a situation that would crush her incredible spirit. Then we found Bello Machre.”

Hannah chimes in, “When I met the people at Bello Machre, I knew that was it! Everyone treated me like any other person figuring out what I wanted to do in life.”

“We want Hannah to find a job that makes her heart happy every day,” Lynn comments.

Hannah joined Bello Machre’s Meaningful Day Program last spring. She continues to explore employment possibilities while learning skills and volunteering. In addition, she receives assistance from our Personal Supports Program. Caring staff help Hannah develop friendships through community outings and activities.

Hannah says, “Bello Machre is like family. I know they will help me find my dream job; they are teaching me so much. I know I will find something that I love, and I’ll make this world better!”

Lynn concludes, “My hope for Hannah is that she can be as independent as possible. Whatever the future holds, I know that Bello Machre will be there for her.”

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