Robin Gutshall with Frank and Jodie (front),
two of the people she supports.

“You could stand Robin under the word Bello Machre because she perfectly represents all that Bello Machre means,” says Darlene Hicks, Family Support Assistant, who nominated her co-worker, Robin Gutshall, for Advocate of the Month. “Whether it’s one of the people Bello Machre supports or a co-worker, Robin’s completely selfless. She picks up the pieces of anyone who needs her. Robin’s giving spirit is who she is.”

Darlene recalls a personal example of Robin’s generous nature saying, “My son who is special needs wanted to go to a local event with some horror movie actors, and I couldn’t take him. Robin spent her whole day off taking him to the event—and she doesn’t even like scary movies!”

Robin herself doesn’t understand why you would be any other way asking, “How would you want someone to treat you? That’s how I want to treat other people.” Robin explains that the people she works with—both the people she supports and co-workers, are family saying, “I try to be kind and generous in the way I treat others. The people in my life are supporting me too. For example, Jason, one of the guys I work with, helps out with my daughter’s softball team.”

Robin and Jason were having a tug of war with their hearts on June 8th. Robin explains, “We have so much fun being at Every Step Counts every year—the picnic and games are great! That same day, though, my daughter’s softball team, the one Jason supports, may be in a play-off game. While we may have to miss the food and raffles, we would never miss walking for Team Abby [Darlene Hicks’ family team]! We’ve been a part of supporting their group every year since I met Darlene. I am so happy to be a supporter of this event.”

“Robin has never met a stranger,” observes Darlene. “There is no pretense about her—she truly loves everybody.” When you see Robin at this year’s ESC, say “Congratulations!”—and make a new friend!