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December Advocate of the Month

  Each year, Linda Evonko, Family Living Director of our Amicus Street Home, hosts a holiday party for our Western Region. “Linda’s hospitality provides both our employees and the people we support a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time with old friends; it also creates a natural environment

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November Advocate of the Month

We are excited to announce that a parent of one of the people we support nominated this month’s Advocate of the Month, Juanita Peterson, who is a Family Support Assistant with our Support Services program. Michael Reese, Sr. recently wrote a letter to Cameo White, Program Director and

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Fall & Winter 2018 Newsletter

“I am always on the go. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, but I’ve never let that slow me down! I’m a businessman and have had my company, The Edwards Printing Company, for the last 10 years.” – Matt Edwards One of the central part of Bello Machre’s

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Stay Safe While Using Technology: 5 Personal Cybersecurity Tips

Skyline Technology Solutions logo

Staying Safe While Using Technology 5 Personal Cybersecurity Tips from Skyline Technology Solutions, Bello Machre’s Community Partners Skyline Technology Solutions (Skyline) is one of Bello Machre’s generous community partners! In addition to supporting Bello Machre’s events and frequently volunteering in our homes, Skyline provides Bello Machre with

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