A Family’s Call for Help

“Bello Machre was there for our family during a tough time. Help was truly a phone call away. I called and, within an hour, Bello Machre had a plan.”

The Run Abouts

Katie with her social group, The Run Abouts, thanking the firemen at a local station.

Pat Cook was introduced to Bello Machre almost ten years ago. She was seeking Respite Care for her daughter, Katie, so she and her husband, Jack, could take a break from caregiving and go on vacation. “Wow, what a blessing that was. We didn’t know it then, but that was our last vacation together. Shortly after our trip, Jack became critically ill, was hospitalized, and within a few months passed away,” reflects Pat.

Bello Machre Was There to Help

“Bello Machre was truly a godsend when my husband was hospitalized. I was spending all day and night at the hospital with Katie’s dad. I called Bello Machre in desperation, and a caring person called back within an hour. They made immediate arrangements to care for Katie, so I could go to the hospital to be with my husband,” shares Pat.

“Bello Machre supported our family during a very dark time. Not only did they make it possible for me to be with my husband during those long days and nights, but they also brought so much joy to Katie’s life.”

Katie now belongs to a Bello Machre social group known around town as The Run Abouts. She loves to bowl, go out to dinner, attend holiday dances or volunteer in the community with the Aktion Club. Katie loves to see her friends and engage in community life.

“It’s been a long journey, and Bello Machre has been there every step of the way,” says Pat.

“As I look to the future, I know that the time will come when I’m no longer able to care for Katie. What a comfort it is knowing that Bello Machre will be there for Katie, and she will be safe and loved.”