Advocate of the Month – Annetta Covel

Advocate of the Month - August 2017 - Annetta

Bridget, Speedy, Annetta, Laura, and Cheryl (left to right)

“Annetta [Covel], is amazing,” shares Michele Marshall, Manager of Outreach & Volunteer Services who nominated Annetta for this month’s Advocate of the Month. “She is a wonderful person who truly feels blessed to do the work that she does as a Family Living Director for our St. Margaret’s Drive home. Because of that, she is a blessing to those she cares for in the home.”

During the holiday season, Annetta takes a road trip with the ladies so that each of the ladies can be with their parents. She drives all the way to North and South Carolina! Annetta explains why she does this saying, “Every mother should get to see their child on Christmas.”

Recently, one of the ladies Annetta supports in the home was very depressed that she had to stay in the hospital. Annetta dressed up like Michael Jackson and went to the hospital to bring a smile to this lady’s face. The other ladies in the home missed their friend and were worried about her; every day, Annetta took the ladies to the hospital so they could visit. They cheered their friend on in her recovery, saying “You can do it!” when they watched her taking her first steps in rehab.

“Speedy, Laura, and Cheryl have blossomed since Annetta became Family Living Director,” observes Bridget Chambers, who is a Family Living Assistant in the home. “Their excitement at life, the joy they have all stems from the enthusiasm Annetta shares with the people who live and work in this home.”

When asked about her energetic spirit, Annetta shares, “Everyone needs someone to stand up for them and share some fun—otherwise, life would be a little bit boring, don’t you think?”