Linda hosting this year’s party

Each year, Linda Evonko, Family Living Director of our Amicus Street Home, hosts a holiday party for our Western Region. “Linda’s hospitality provides both our employees and the people we support a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time with old friends; it also creates a natural environment for new friendships to develop,” observes Randon Bittings, Director of Services Western Region. “Many of our folks participate in clubs/activities or day programs together. Opportunities like the party offer the right environment for these budding friendships to flourish.”

Along with the people residing in our Amicus Street Home, Linda hosts other dinners and events. This open-door attitude fosters relationships and creates amazing opportunities for those we support. Brandon (a resident in the home) and Tyler (personal supports) created a new friendship this way. They now spend time in the community together. Tyler’s mom shared that this is Tyler’s first friendship and this relationship is significant not only to him, but also to his family.