Emergency Preparedness

Be Informed, Make a Plan, Build a Kit

Bello Machre is ready and has a plan to respond to emergencies that could affect our residents, our employees, and our families. The myth is that “I don’t need to worry about disasters where I live.” Emergency preparedness is for everyone. Most communities may be impacted by several types of hazards during a lifetime. Knowing what to do before, during, and after an emergency is a critical part of being prepared and may make all the difference when seconds count.

Bello Machre’s Emergency Preparedness plans include natural disasters, technological and accidental hazards, terrorist hazards, pandemics, and home fires. Plans and protocols for sheltering, evacuation, communications, supply kits, and emergency alerts are in place, practiced and kept up-to-date.

Emergency Management Plan

The purpose of an Emergency Management Plan is to prepare for, manage, mitigate damages from, recover from, learn from, and effectively respond to emergency events. An emergency is any event that can disrupt the services and supports Bello Machre provides and/or disrupts the operation of the organization’s physical facilities or programming efforts and/or poses a threat to the health and safety of both employees and individuals served.

When providing a safe environment, the first plan of action during an emergency shall be to shelter-in-place. All staff shall communicate, when possible, with their supervisor and family or advocates of the individuals they serve. Staff shall take the necessary steps to provide a calm environment for the individuals while providing them with the necessary information they need.

The Emergency Supply List items shall be utilized during a shelter-in-place situation. If for any reason there is an unmet need, the staff shall contact their supervisor so that necessary arrangements can be made. Candles shall not be used during an emergency event. The supervisor and/or his designee shall make every attempt to stay in close communication with the staffing team at the home.

Power Outages and Heating and Cooling Emergency Procedures

Any Bello Machre home that experiences loss of power or does not have properly operating air conditioning or heating is considered an emergency. The staff person on duty in the home must report the situation immediately. If the situation arises during a weekday, report it to the Program Director (PD). If staff are unable to reach the PD, they must make a report to the Director of Residential Services. Also, the staff in the home must make a verbal report immediately to the Director of Maintenance. If the house staff are unable to reach the Director of Maintenance, they must begin contacting the other members of the maintenance team until notification is made. If the issue arises on the weekend, the staff in the home must notify the administrator on-call as well as the Director of Maintenance or another member of the maintenance team.

An administrator will work with staff to monitor the temperatures within the home while the maintenance team addresses the problem. An immediate plan of action will be put into motion to ensure the safety and well being of the individuals and staff. During this time, as needed, the maintenance team will set up a/c window units, fans, portable heaters, generators, etc. If safe temperatures and/or a safe environment can not be maintained within the home, the staff and individuals will be relocated to another location.

The maintenance team, residential administrator, and staff at the home, will remain in close communication until the matter is resolved. The residential administrator will notify the Chief Operating Officer.

Bello Machre Snow Emergency Plan

This plan was developed to meet the snow removal needs of all our residential locations. Because the maintenance department cannot meet the needs of all homes, we have established the following expectations to assure snow removal for all locations.

The Maintenance Director will determine when it is safe to begin the process of snow removal. The Campus location shall receive first priority. The maintenance department will be responsible for plowing and/or shovel all walks and parking/driveway areas. Sidewalks shall be cleared to allow for wheelchair access. Once Campus has been completed, the following seven community homes have been identified based on special needs to receive services from the maintenance department in the following order: Mago Vista, Brookwood, Severn, Elmhurst, Dover, and Evergreen.

If roads are impassable in your community/area, it is likely that the Bello Machre plow may not be able to get to your home until the county road has been plowed. It has come to our attention that a privately owned plow is not permitted to plow a county road.

For the remaining locations, the Family Living Director will be responsible for locating/contracting services for snow removal, please refer to the attached list. We strongly encourage networking with neighbors in your own community when making arrangements for snow removal. These arrangements shall be made as soon as possible and in the future by November 1st of each year. These arrangements shall be documented in the House Information Book in section two. The documentation should include the contractors/individual’s name, phone number, fee for service, and any other important information. Bello Machre shall reimburse reasonable expenses for snow removal. Requests for reimbursement shall be submitted to the appropriate Program Director on a check request form.

Other Important Information:

When snow and or ice is forecasted, employees working on Campus must move their vehicles, as well as agency vehicles to the parking spots closest to the woods in either parking lot. This will allow the maintenance department to begin plowing. Once those vacant areas have been plowed, you will be asked to move your vehicle across the parking lot so that the maintenance department will be able to finish plowing the remainder of the parking lot.

The following areas must remain clear from snow: heating units, stairwell drains and gutter run off areas. When snow has been forecasted, it is the Family Living Director’s responsibility to have adequate food and supplies available. In homes where we provide services to individuals with unsupervised time, the employee on duty shall not leave the individual(s) alone until relief staff has arrived. This is to prevent individuals from being snowed in alone for extended periods of time, which may cause them to exceed their approved unsupervised time.

If your road has not been plowed in a reasonable time frame, you may contact Anne Arundel County, Department of Public Works – Roadside
(410) 222-6120.

Baltimore Gas and Electric Outage 1-877-778-2222
Department of Public Works – Emergency Hotline 410-222-8400
Department of Public Works – Road Operations/Storm Center 410-222-4040
Department of Health Office of Emergency Preparedness & Response 410-222-4115
Department of Health Information Line 410-222-7095
Department of Health Communicable Disease 410-222-7256
County Animal Control 410-222-8900 x11
Anne Arundel County Police – Non Emergency 410-222-8050
Anne Arundel County Fire Department – Non Emergency 410-222-8200
Poison Control 1-800-222-1222
Anne Arundel County Emergency Management 410-222-0600
City of Annapolis Emergency Management Office 410-216-9167
City of Annapolis 410-263-1183