What areas do you serve?

We serve people from anywhere in the world. However, we provide residential and support services in Central and Western Maryland.

How do I apply for services?

You may call us at 443-702-3000 and we can send out an application packet.

Do you serve children?

We provide direct care services to children in their own home. We also help families find resources to help meet the needs of their loved one. This may include expenses not covered by governmental or insurance programs, i.e., specialized summer camp; physical, speech, or occupational therapy; adaptive equipment expenses, or whatever the family may need.

Do you serve people with mental illness?

Yes, many of the people we help have a secondary or dual mental health diagnosis. However, the primary disability does have to be a qualified developmental disability.

Where do you provide the services?

We provide services in a Bello Machre home, family home, individual’s home, and even in a staff person’s home. All of our services are based upon the needs and wishes of the individual, their family, and other important people in their life.

Do you provide residential services?

Yes, we provide residential services in a Bello Machre home or in a staff person’s home – depending on the needs and wishes of the individual and his/her family.

Do you offer respite care?

Yes, we provide respite care services in the family’s homes, a Bello Machre residential home, and in a staff person’s home. Our respite services are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year.

Can you help me with the State of Maryland application process?

Absolutely! Navigating the system can be difficult and cumbersome. We are very knowledgeable on the State of Maryland’s eligibility process and would be more than willing to assist you with this process.

Can you help me find funding sources for services?

Yes, we can help you access both public and private sources of funding. We can also help you generate your own funding.

What are the qualifications of your staff?

Bello Machre has an outstanding team of skilled professionals. We have one of the most extensive screening processes within the field – after a thorough interview, a potential employee is required to do a drug screening, and background check, and written and mathematical exams. After this extensive screening, an employee is required to go through approximately 100 hours of training’s that may include specialty Certified Nursing Assistant Training, Behavior Principles and Strategies, and Choking Prevention.

How do I pay for services?

Many of those we serve, receive full or partial financial support from governmental funding sources. We also serve individuals who are privately funded. Bello Machre accepts private pay for any services we provide. Private pay rates vary based on the specific needs of the individual and their family.

Can you help me in my own home?

Yes, as long as you live within our service area – we can help.

Do you offer day services?

We provide daytime support based on the individual needs and wishes.

Help is a Phone Call Away

(443) 702-3000

or fill out a form here or email us.