You may have recently received a letter telling you about an amazing family who has put their trust in Bello Machre.

Jade was born with an extra piece of chromosome that causes very slow development, low muscle tone, and cognitive impairments. Bill and Peggy, Jade’s parents, were told that she would never walk or talk.

Peggy and Bill did not give up hope. “We researched and started extensive early intervention therapy,” explains Peggy. “We taught Jade how to crawl and walk and with help from a speech therapist – she started talking!”

Their family’s journey has not been without challenges. Because of a seizure disorder Jade developed during adolescence, she was prone to frequent falls. Bill put up gates with bells at the top of the stairs, Peggy strategically placed thick floor mats throughout the house, and they even stopped playing the music they loved so they could hear Jade’s movements. With loving parents helping her every step of the way, Jade graduated from Severna Park High School.

Bello Machre has helped this family throughout the years with support services and respite care. Bill shares, “Bello Machre is a blessing for us, providing much needed time off. We were able to go away alone for the first time – in a very long time.”

Like many parents, Bill and Peggy are getting older and want to make sure Jade will always have a place to call home. They reached out to Bello Machre to explore possibilities for her future. “It’s one of the hardest decisions of our lives, but it’s time for the next step. Jade needs to have as independent of a life as she can. We put our trust in Bello Machre,” explains Bill. “We know that when a family is in crisis, Bello Machre is always there.”

“When Jade moves to Bello Machre, she will have a sense of community and the opportunity to socialize and make her own decisions. Here at home, she’s on our schedule. I love that Bello Machre asks her what she wants to do,” says Peggy.

“My dream is that Jade is in a place she considers home – with continued opportunities to grow,” shares Bill.

Your support will make it possible for Jade to have a forever home! We make a promise to families and the people we support that they can count on us to provide loving care today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime. Please open your heart to help the hundreds of people throughout Maryland who are in desperate need. Please donate today!