Nate with Cody, one of the people
he supports in our Kursch Home.

“Awhile ago, I decided I wanted to apply for Bello Machre’s CNA-DDA training because I don’t want to ever be on the sidelines waiting for someone else if one of the people we support is in need of help,” shares Nate Fauntleroy, CNA-FLA in our Kursch Home. “That being said, you never know how you’re going to react in an emergency. I’ve worked for Bello Machre for nineteen years and until last month, I never had the occasion to find out.”

Bello Machre is grateful to Nate for immediately responding when one of the people we support was in need of First Aid & CPR. “I’m glad to now know that if I’m ever needed again,” reflects Nate, “I can and will be there for the people we support at Bello Machre.”