Congratulations to our March 2018 Advocate of the Month: Anisha Thompson, Meaningful Day Program Director!

“Anisha is such an extraordinary advocate for the people we support that she helps me to be a better advocate,” observes Jenna Fisher, Development Coordinator. Jenna and Anisha, the Meaningful Day Program Director, are co-workers with offices close to one another so Jenna often hears Anisha’s interactions with both the people she supports and her team of caring direct support professionals. “Anisha is open and genuine. I feel fortunate to witness her leadership and enthusiasm so closely.”

Julie Provan, Vice President & COO, shares, “Anisha’s knowledge, energy, creativity, and leadership for our Meaningful Day program provides the people participating in the program with a truly meaningful experience, every day.”

Anisha fondly remembers finding the perfect meaningful activity for Uzair. “Uzair came to Meaningful Day with the desire to obtain employment. I was able to secure a part-time position at Absolute Fire Protection for him. He loves it there! He also wants to work with computers and we’ve given him the support he needs to enroll in computer-related classes at AACC. It’s a pleasure to help people find and pursue their passions!”

Anisha loves opportunities to be an advocate. “I feel strongly about helping create great opportunities for the people we support. The folks in our Meaningful Day program enjoy doing activities together, and they share many common interests. However, what I truly love is finding an experience that is meaningful to each individual.”