We are excited to announce that a parent of one of the people we support nominated this month’s Advocate of the Month, Juanita Peterson, who is a Family Support Assistant with our Support Services program. Michael Reese, Sr. recently wrote a letter to Cameo White, Program Director and Juanita’s supervisor, to explain why Juanita is so special—

“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the excellent work done by one of your employees, Ms. Juanita Peterson. The love and attention she provides to my adult, autistic son (AKA: Mikey) far exceeds all my expectations and is deserving of recognition.

Ms. Peterson’s positive, upbeat attitude, devotion, and service to her profession have made a noticeable difference in Mikey’s life. Her nurturing, unselfish commitment has allowed Mikey to make great personal strides and gain self-confidence to function more independently. He has developed a better awareness of his surroundings, increased attention to detail, and has demonstrated improved social and life skills.

In these times, seldom do we find people so caring and dedicated. Bello Machre is fortunate to have such an employee as Ms. Peterson and we are fortunate to have her in Mikey’s life.”