Our Ray of Hope Program helps pay for flights to Boston Children’s Hospital so Ashlyn (right) can travel with her mother, Jennifer (left), and receive the best care possible.

Did you know that Bello Machre’s Ray of Hope Program provides support to families who are not in Bello Machre’s other programs and services? 

With generous funding and support from the Hertha & Jesse Adams Foundation, our Ray of Hope Program provides financial support for those who do not receive funding from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). While the Support Services and Residential Services we offer are primarily funded through the DDA, our Ray of Hope Program offers life-changing support to those who might not be able to receive it otherwise.

The Ray of Hope program provides funds to families for a variety of needs—from specialized summer camp, to physical therapy, to adaptive equipment expenses. 

“We provide funding for anything that would benefit the life of the individual,” says Kathy Buss, Director of the Ray of Hope Program.

“We go above and beyond to care for our folks,” Kathy continues. “Our services are exceptional as well as our employees.” Bello Machre employees have a high degree of integrity and respect for the people we support and their families. 

The process for applying to the Ray of Hope program is straightforward. The application process  consists of three components: a one-page application, a bill statement for the product or service one is seeking assistance in acquiring, and a short letter explaining how the program’s support would directly affect the life of the individual.

Kathy has a special bond with the people supported by our Ray of Hope Program and their families. She shares, “When people ask me about a favorite story or a standout impact we have had on families, I simply cannot pick. I love every single one.” 

The people we support have benefited greatly from the support of our program. Therapeutic riding lessons have helped individuals build muscles to sit up better. Swimming lessons have helped develop social skills and find a community of their own. One person supported by our program was able to buy an accessible bike after outgrowing his old one—he can continue to stay active, healthy, and happy as he exercises with his family. 

Our Ray of Hope Program is a great introduction to Bello Machre for many families. Kathy comments, “The help we provide lets the word out. Not everybody knows of our organization, and this helps them realize how much of a benefit we can be.” 

At its core, the Ray of Hope Program stands true to its mission of providing hope and loving support to people who might not otherwise have that helping hand. To find out more about the Ray of Hope Program, call us today at 443-702-3000.