What is Respite Care and Can it Make a Difference?

“Bello Machre was there for our family during a very difficult time. Help was truly a phone call away. I called and, within an hour, they had a plan,” shares Pat Cook. Pat was introduced to Bello Machre when she sought respite care for her daughter while she visited her husband in the hospital. “The team quickly made arrangements to care for my daughter so I could be with my husband during those long days.”

What is Respite Care?Bello Respite care

Taking care of your loved one can be a very rewarding and enriching experience, but even the most loving caregivers sometimes need a helping hand. Respite care assists primary caregivers by providing loving staff to care for their dependents while they focus on other matters. Respite care can provide much-needed support, whether you need services during an emergency, want a chance to recharge privately, need assistance caring for your loved one while you catch up on your to-do list, or simply want to spend quality time with other family members.

As the primary caregiver, being accountable for the health of your loved one is a significant undertaking. So, it is paramount that you take time for yourself to rejuvenate and reenergize every once in a while. When you take proper care of yourself, you can take care of others without feeling as run down, tired, or emotionally drained. By using respite care services, you are giving yourself a chance to recuperate which allows you to give your loved one the professional, capable, loving care they deserve.

Bello Machre offers respite care in your home or in ours. Many of our loving employees have opened their own homes to provide support to families who need it. Bunmi Zamba, one of Bello Machre’s caring employees, provides respite care to people in need every other weekend. “I am able to help provide families a little bit of relief while enriching the life of my own family,” shares Bunmi. “The people we support are like family to me and I love helping them do activities they love. I wish I had an even bigger home and extra hours in my day so I could do this with more people!”

How Long Does It Last?

The length of respite care can be flexible and is often structured around your needs. Whether you need support for an afternoon, a few days, or every week, Bello Machre’s Support Services program provides flexible options that provide you the comfort of knowing your loved one is cared for and safe.

Asking for support through respite care can lead to long-term relationships and enriching activities for your loved ones. After Pat reached out to Bello Machre’s Support Services team, her daughter found a whole new community at Bello Machre. Now, Pat’s daughter goes bowling, attends holiday dances, volunteers, and spends time with her friends at Bello Machre. “We develop powerful, positive relationships with a family so they can stay intact longer,” notes George Wolff, Bello Machre’s Director of Support Services.

As you plan for the future of your loved one, respite care provides a good look into the other services Bello Machre provides. George explains, “We can also be an introduction, when a family is ready, for more intensive services. We hope the bonds we establish will help make transitions into residential services a little bit easier.”