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Care starts with listening.

From residential and community-based services to respite care, Bello Machre provides support for children and adults with developmental disabilities so they can live full, independent, and rich lives. But first, we take the time to understand what your family needs and what support looks like to you.

Let’s talk about admissions and how to navigate care:

For Anne Arundel County:
Contact Kathy Buss at kbuss@bellomachre.org or 443-702-3012

For Carroll County:
Contact Randon Bittings at rbittings@bellomachre.org or 443-702-3034

Explore the services we provide to support children & adults with developmental disabilities

Meaningful Day

Community-based day and employment services that promote your loved one’s personal and professional growth.

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Personal Supports

Community-based, 1-on-1 services that help your loved one develop independent life skills.

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Live-in care at a Bello Machre-owned home provides a place where your loved one will be cared for and live a full life.

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Meaningful Day

Community-based day program that builds social, vocational, and employment skills

We believe that every person we serve should experience a meaningful day based on their needs and preferences. Meaningful Day provides individualized, community-based day services including:

  • social, recreational, and educational opportunities
  • job development, training, and employment opportunities

Meaningful Day program directors are Joseph Gear (Anne Arundel County) and Todd Bonney (Carroll County).

Day services have a 1 to 3-6 ratio. Transportation is provided. Here’s what a meaningful day might look like:

  • Typically Monday through Friday (may vary)
  • Pick up from home between 8-9 a.m.
  • Community-based activities and lunch between 9:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Drop off at home between 2-3 p.m.

Bello Machre helps adults with development disabilities find a meaningful career in their community.

Transportation to workplaces is provided via public transportation (MTA Mobility and CTS). We help the people we support explore alternative options as necessary.

Anne Arundel County Employment Partners

Mister Car Wash
Food Lion
St. John’s College
Royal Farms
Disability Determination Services (DDS)
BJ’s Wholesale
Bitty & Beau’s Coffee
Cinemark Egyptian 24 & XD
Weis Market

Carroll County Employment Partners

Royal Farms
Carroll County Public Schools
Security One Solutions
Texas Roadhouse
Food Lion
Fair Haven
Coppermine Four Seasons
Carroll Lutheran Village
Code Ninjas

Contact Bello Machre today to learn more about the Meaningful Day program.

Personal Supports

1-on-1 services to develop independent life skills

Personal Supports provides people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to develop independent life skills and achieve higher educational goals in a 1-on-1 environment. Schedules are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Individuals in this program have the option to participate in day programs, like Meaningful Day. Your loved one’s program director will work with the coordinator of community services to find appropriate and right-fit day programs and activities.

Respite Care is an add-on service to Personal Supports that provides planned or emergency relief for primary caregivers. We can arrange for community-based or in-home care for an extended period of time, up to 21 days.

Program Directors are Adam McArthur, John Crogan, and Danielle Ierardi (Anne Arundel County), and Patricia Schomann (Carroll County).

1. Who pays for community-based activities?

When individuals join their 1-on-1 staff member for a community-based activity, like going to the movies, visiting a museum, or going bowling, the individual pays admissions fees for both themselves AND their staff member. Additional purchases are made by the individual or staff member for themselves.

  • For example, if individual Bob and his staff member Daisy went to the movies, Bob would pay for both his and Daisy’s tickets. However, if both Bob and Daisy want to buy popcorn to eat during the movie, Bob has to buy his own and Daisy has to buy her own.

2. Are larger community activities an option?

Yes! Large group social activities are available with the supported person’s 1-on-1 staff member present.

3. Does Bello Machre staff provide medication for the individuals?

If an individual or their family member requests that Bello Machre provide medication during scheduled hours of service, they must be approved for nursing support services through Developmental Disability Administration (DDA). Bello Machre partners with Dimensional Healthcare Agency to provide delegated nursing services.

4. Who provides transportation for activities and programs?

The individual’s 1-on-1 staff member.

Contact Bello Machre today to learn more about the Personal Supports program.

Residential Program

Live-in lifetime of loving care at a Bello Machre-owned home

Our Residential Program gives adults with developmental disabilities a secure place to feel safe and loved — within Bello Machre-owned homes. Live-in caregivers support 3-4 individuals in the home, helping each person grow, develop and live life to their fullest.

And as medical needs become complex and people age, families can rest assured Bello Machre will be there for their loved ones for a lifetime of loving care.

Residential program directors are Tamara Williams, Saa Fillie, Juanita Evans, Kelie Tchouya, Brenna Palmer, and Crystal Brownlee (Anne Arundel County) and Krystal Dorsey (Carroll County).

Families welcomed

We have an open-door policy, encouraging family members to actively participate in their loved one’s lives. You can visit them at their Bello Machre home and even attend doctor appointments and activities. Your loved one can also go home on weekends, holidays and on vacations with the family.


When they are in a residential program home, they’ll be cared for by around-the-clock staff. We’ll cook, we’ll clean and invite individuals to participate and build a sense of community. Community-based activities, like bowling and movies, are also part of their daily lives.

Individuals in Bello Machre’s Residential Programs have the option to participate in day programs, like Meaningful Day. Combined services are certainly in our wheelhouse!

Your loved one’s program director will work with the coordinator of community services to find appropriate and right-fit day programs and activities.

1. Does the staff live in the home and/or stay overnight?

Staff are always present in our homes, and Bello Machre has staff living in most of our residential program homes. Overnight staff is assigned based on needs in a home. Sometimes Awake-Overnight (AON) and additional staff will be assigned to provide relief/sleeping hours.

2. Can my loved one be left home alone at the residence?

It depends. Bello Machre assesses each individual and the team. From there, we’ll determine if the person can stay home alone. Safety is our top priority.

3. Do you take the individual to all doctor appointments?

Yes, and family members are welcomed to join.

4. What are nursing supports and how do they work?

Nursing supports are services provided by licensed healthcare professionals. Bello Machre contracts with Dimensional Health Care to provide baseline assessments, 45-day assessments and guidance with all medical needs.

5. What training and background checks are Bello Machre staff given?

Staff must complete all Developmental Disability Administration required training and any additional training required based on the individual’s needs. Staff must complete background checks and drug tests upon hire.

Contact Bello Machre today to learn more about the Residential Program.

We’re here to help.

Contact Bello Machre today to learn more about our services, which one might be the right fit for your family, how to navigate care, and what the admissions process looks like.