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A Sister’s Loss, an Aunt’s Hope

A Sister’s Loss, an Aunt’s Hope

Bello Machre - A Sister's Loss, an Aunt's Hope

Jennifer, or Jen-Jen as her family calls her, now lives in the Seifert Home on the Bello Machre Campus.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year,” Connie stated. “When I opened the door to visit my sister and niece on Christmas Day, I immediately knew that something was terribly wrong. I discovered that my sister had passed away. My niece, alone in the house for days, was fighting for her life, suffering from dehydration and hypothermia.”

Jennifer, Connie’s niece, was born with cerebral palsy and complex developmental disabilities. She lived at home with Mom for all of her twenty-six years. They were inseparable.

When Mom suddenly passed away, Jennifer’s life was thrown into chaos. Fortunately, her Aunt Connie had heard about Bello Machre.

She said, “After getting her admitted to the hospital, the first phone call I made was to Bello Machre. I immediately felt their concern and compassion. They jumped right in and were amazing. They knew just what to do.”

Life at Bello

Jennifer, or Jen-Jen as her family calls her, now lives in the Seifert Home on the Bello Machre Campus. After months in the hospital and rehabilitation center, her body is slowly recovering. She is beginning to learn to walk again.

With tears in her eyes, Aunt Connie continues, “Our Jen-Jen is beaming from all the love and attention. When I visited her last week, she was taking a few steps with the assistance from Tasha, her caregiver. I can’t believe her progress already. I’m so excited that she will now receive the therapy she needs. I know that someday she’ll be able to walk on her own.

The joy I feel in my heart is overwhelming. I wish my sister could see her now. She can truly rest in peace knowing Bello Machre is there for her daughter — knowing Jennifer is not only safe and secure but loved as well.”

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