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Let’s Make a Difference Together.

When you support Bello Machre, you empower us to say YES! to people with developmental disabilities. Your gifts help bridge the gap between government funding and the actual cost of a lifetime of loving care. Explore ways to give, enhance this community, and change lives.

Explore These Ways to Give to Bello Machre.

Amazon Smile ›

Next time you are shopping online, please think of Bello Machre and order through Amazon Smile. Bello Machre has partnered with Amazon as a part of their Amazon Smile program. Through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a portion of every sale to Bello Machre. You can simply go to smile.amazon.com and enter Bello Machre as your chosen non-profit at check out.

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Donation ›

Every $1 makes a difference. Donate what you can. You can also set up recurring donations or give in honor or memory of a loved one or cherished friend.

Volunteer ›

Pitch in your time, on your own or as a group, doing something that makes lives better. Learn about our Volunteer Program.

Internships & Service Learning ›

Gain experience from a respected service organization. Learn about our Educational Outreach Program.

Planned Giving ›

Meet your personal financial goals while supporting Bello Machre for generations to come. Learn how to make a gift that provides tax benefits and life income.

Workplace Giving ›

Just a few dollars per paycheck adds up to a lot of support for Bello Machre! Plus: you benefit from a charitable tax deduction at the end of the year.

Car Donations ›

Donate your car, boat, truck, or other motorized vehicle to Bello Machre and receive a tax deduction.

In-Kind Donations ›

We welcome property, furniture and fixtures, electronics, electric wheelchairs, airline miles, and more. See the complete list of in-kind gifts that help.

Stock Donations ›

Donate appreciated stocks, bonds, and other securities and learn about tax benefits.

Amazon Wishlist ›

Check out our Amazon Wishlist to purchase items needed to make life special for the people we support at Bello Machre.

Lead by Example

How one volunteer’s story made a big difference

Erica Schleicher (far left) is a volunteer, family member, and amazing supporter of Bello Machre. In 2018, she wrote a letter to her employer, Exelon, describing the impact Bello Machre had on her life.

Her testimony led to the company’s donation of $10,000 through the Exelon Energy for the Community Award. Later that Spring, Erica and many other members of Constellation Energy (a subsidiary of Exelon) volunteered to beautify one of Bello Machre’s community homes. Erica’s giving spirit is an inspiration!

Learn more about volunteering and workplace giving.

A Family Gift

Ochs Family Foundation

Bello Machre is honored to be included in the Ochs Family Foundation giving circle. Each year Ted, Bonnie, and their two children, Trey and Marco, discuss community charities and select organizations to support. The boys select two organizations each.

“Bonnie and I were both raised to believe that those who have the ability to help others should do so,” says Ted Ochs. “Be it in the form of money, time, or effort. Through these giving opportunities, we hope our sons will adopt these same values.”

With their 2016 gift of $10,500, and total gifts of $69,000 over 20 years, this generous family continues to make a significant impact at Bello Machre.

Chuck Irish Dedication

Legacy Giving

Sharing his blessings

Charles Irish (right) first become involved with Bello Machre in 1995. His generosity has spanned more than two decades. With total gifts of more than $360,000, Mr. Irish has helped open countless doors for families and people in need.

Mr. Irish says he supports Bello Machre because he appreciates the work we do. He values our services that “take care of people who can’t always take care of themselves.”

“Bello Machre is a terrific organization,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate in my life. So, I do what I can for those who haven’t been so fortunate. It warms my heart knowing I’m involved in some way with the great work of Bello Machre.”

(That’s Dr. Robert T. Ireland, Bello Machre CEO & President, on the left.)

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Ready to make a difference in people’s lives?

Explore ways to support Bello Machre and say YES! to opening doors for people with developmental disabilities. Give what you can. Every $1 helps.