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College, High School & Community Service Learning Opportunities

Bello Machre offers intern and service learning opportunities for students who need to earn community service hours for graduation or people who are interested in gaining more experience in a particular field. We offer diverse internship and service-learning opportunities in a friendly work environment.

We welcome any and all disciplines of study. Whether you are interested in a career in human services, direct care, human resources, development/marketing, or finance, you can apply your knowledge and skills in a real-life professional workplace.

You will benefit from working with a talented, skilled, and compassionate workforce.  In addition, your experience can be tailored to fit your busy schedule and any academic requirements.

College Student Internships

At Bello Machre, our internship program offers college students the opportunity to enrich the lives of others and earn credits for school all while volunteering their time doing something they love.

Our internships are valuable for students majoring in Human Services, Development, Marketing, Accounting, or Human Resources.

We have a variety of internships during the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.

High School Internship / Service Learning

High school students, especially those affiliated with the Biomedical Allied Health Program at nearby Glen Burnie High School, have the opportunity to intern with Bello Machre during the summer months or after graduation. Students who pursue our internship opportunities are often looking for experience in a particular field.

Interning with Bello Machre is a great local volunteering opportunity for high school students to earn service learning hours each year. Available internship opportunities for Anne Arundel County Public School students are posted on their Internship Portal.

Internship Requirements, Hours & Pay

To earn a $500 stipend at the end of an internship opportunity, you must be 18+, enrolled full-time in a higher institution of learning, and contribute a minimum of 120 hours.

Apply For Our Internship Program

We are now accepting applications for our 2022 Summer Internship Program!

Please contact Lindsey Norris, Director of Marketing & Outreach, for more information and to apply (email: and phone: 443-702-3064).

Some of Bello Machre’s fantastic interns:

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