Volunteer With Adults & Children With Developmental Disabilities in Maryland

At Bello Machre, the possibilities are endless when you are a part of our Caring Hearts Volunteer Program. Creativity and imagination, mixed with initiative and a caring heart, can make the volunteer experience memorable for everyone. Your time and talents can make a difference in the lives of people with developmental disabilities. If you have a day or even a few hours – your support will bring a smile to someone’s face.

Volunteering Opportunties Near You!

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Our volunteer and community service programs offer many unique opportunities, allowing volunteers to dedicate their time doing something they love while also enriching the lives of others. Volunteer as a family, group, or individual – once or as an ongoing commitment. Individuals or groups can:

• Rake leaves, weed, mulch flower beds, or shovel snow at one of Bello Machre’s community homes
• Decorate one of Bello Machre’s community homes for the holiday season
• Plan a craft project or activity for one of our homes
• Spend quality time with one of the people we support as a “Friendly Visitor”
• Lead or assist with a Culinary Class for those who prepare meals in Bello Machre homes
• Assist with administrative tasks at our main Bello Machre campus
• Intern with one of our departments for Spring 2022
• Tutor one of the people we support in reading or math
• Be the smiling face that greets our visitors as the Front Desk Volunteer. Help to direct visitors, route phone calls, and assist with light administrative duties.

Apply For Our Internship Program

We are now accepting applications for our 2022 Spring Internship Program! Bello Machre’s Educational Outreach Program offers college and university students diverse internship and service-learning opportunities in a friendly work environment. We welcome all disciplines of study. Each student’s learning experience can be tailored to fit his/her busy schedule and academic requirements. To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to volunteer@bellomachre.org.

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Anyone Can Volunteer

Families * Youth * Seniors * Students * Businesses * Groups * Churches * Clubs

The reward of a smile will touch your heart!

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Bello Machre! For more information about the volunteer program, please contact Lindsey Norris at volunteer@bellomachre.org or by calling 443-702-3064.

Please review the Volunteer Liability Waiver (pdf) and the Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement (pdf) before filling out the Volunteer Application Form below.

Volunteer Application
All volunteers under 18 are required to have their parent or legal guardian sign our Liability Waiver.
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