We Are Just Like Any Other Family

“I love Bello Machre because we have good people who take care of us, who take us to all kinds of places, and who love us,” says Tayborie, an individual who lives in our Crest Lane home in Carroll County. Jen, the loving caregiver who lives in the home with Tayborie and her housemates, reflects, “I support the folks in every way I can. I want them to be as independent as possible — making their own decisions and choices. Whether I’m helping budget money, sort laundry, attend doctor’s appointments or doing fun things in the community, we are just like any other family.”

Family Kelly at Home

Kelly at home.

We Are Just Like Any Other Family - Tayborie and Brooke

Tayborie ready to start the cooking class with Chef Brooke.

Family Meals & Chores

Tayborie, Jeff, and Kelly, the folks who live in the Crest Lane home, agree. “Everyone has to pitch in to make it work. We all help out and are proud of our home. I’ll be loading and unloading the dishwasher and Tay will be sweeping and mopping the floors,” says Kelly. Jeff chimes in, “I love when Brooke comes for our cooking class. She is a chef, and she’s teaching us how to cook.”

Each month, the folks rotate to select a meal that Brooke will be teaching them. Whether it’s Mexican lasagna, eggplant parmesan, or pasta and cream sauce, they can’t wait for their cooking class each month. Chef Brooke says, “I look forward to my cooking lessons with the great people of Crest Lane. Their enthusiasm is unending, and I am very impressed with not only their knowledge of food but of their willingness to try new things. I’m the lucky one for getting to spend a couple of hours a month with these amazing people. They make my heart smile!”


Family Bonding

We Are Just Like Any Other Family - Jeff

Jeff surfs the internet to find fun happenings in Carroll County.

On Friday’s, the crew is headed to the bowling alley. Jeff is in a league and Tayborie is always there to cheer him on. Jeff also has two jobs. He works at Boscov’s and the Carroll County Court House. He says, “I love living at Crest Lane. There’s never a dull moment. I’m always on the go.”

It’s a simple goal and a simple mission at Bello Machre: Provide loving care, opportunity, and guidance for a lifetime. Smiling, Tayborie says, “I love Bello Machre. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”