A Young Boy’s Determination

Bello - Zack“When Zack saw the new iPad, his face immediately lit up. He picked it up and knew just what to do with it!” Angie, Zack’s mother, smiles as she recalls that exciting day.

For some, the iPad is an expensive toy. For Zack, it is a critical tool for communication and learning. Purchased with funds from Bello Machre’s Ray of Hope Program, it helps this determined child as he continues to make important strides.

At the age of six, Zack was in a tragic bicycle accident. His mother remembers the time all too well. “The doctors told me he would never walk or talk again. He had gone through two brain surgeries and had a feeding tube. I was so scared.”

After three months in intensive care and much more in the hospital and rehabilitation center, Zack was walking and saying words. “He has come so far,” says Angie.

Today, Zack attends the High Road Academy in Laurel, Maryland, where he receives specialized educational services. Angie comments, “Zack loves his new school. They have been terrific in working with him as he is relearning everything.” She continues, “Because of the traumatic brain injury, though, he has real trouble focusing. At school, Zack has an Apple iPad that helps him learn and focus. It’s helping him to learn sight words, math, puzzles, matching, and counting money!”

Unfortunately, Zack had to leave the iPad at school and didn’t have one at home. Attempts to communicate and focus often ended in frustration. That’s when Bello Machre’s Ray of Hope Program stepped in and provided the grant to purchase his new iPad. With a big smile, Angie says, “It’s made such a difference for Zack. Anything to help him as he continues to grow and develop is a Godsend. Thank you, Bello Machre.”